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First Dates Hotel set to return

First Dates Hotel[C]hannel 4 Factual has commissioned a second series of ‘First Dates Hotel’.

Once again Maître D’ Fred Siriex and his team will welcome a host of hopeful singletons to the exquisite First Dates Hotel which this time will be in Southern Italy.

As in the first series, the First Dates team are inviting guests still looking for “the one” for a more intensive and tailor- made matching making experience. If you have ever reached the end of an episode of First Dates and thought “but I want to see what happens next!” – then this will offer up the chance to find out.

The format will allow those where the answer is ‘Yes’ to extend their stay in the hotel and enjoy the stunning Italian countryside. And for some who don’t meet with success on their first date, they will be re-matched for a second chance at finding love.

The idyllic setting will see both guests and viewers transported to the destination of their dreams with dates such as pool side lunches or a candle-lit meal under the stars.

Series Editor, Adam Chapman said: “We’re so excited about the gorgeous location in Southern Italy. This hotel has the perfect mix of luxury and old fashioned romance in arguably the most passionate country in the world. “

Commissioning Editor, Madonna Benjamin adds: “This beautiful hotel will offer the perfect setting for a blind date to remember and the holiday atmosphere will enable daters to be relaxed and ready to meet the love of their lives.”

For the past four years, First Dates has brought to us a contemporary but romantic alternative to the frustrations of modern dating. Now, for daters looking to take the next big step, First Dates is once again opening up a hotel for a variety of people from all different backgrounds and ages.

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