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The Lakes Distillery launch enhanced infusions

Blood & Sand and Kieron Hall

[T]he Lakes Distillery have curated a brand-new cocktail menu for their award-winning spirits highlighting intriguing serves spearheaded by Kieron Hall.

Kieron Hall, Business Development Manager of The Lakes Distillery has a dedicated relationship with cocktails derived from his previous career paths.

Kieron won bartender of the year in 2014 and North East Mixologist of the Year 2013, he has honed his skills and applied the creative strategy to The Lakes Distillery. Masterminding a bespoke selection for the Michelin guide, The Bistro at The Distillery and The Trout Hotel in Cockermouth.

Kieron said “The possibilities with mixology are endless and this has always sparked a great interest within my hobbies and career.

“The Lakes Distillery’s spirits are of an amazing quality and can be paired with strong products and still hold their own.

“My favourite product is The Lakes Vodka, it is so smooth and matches brilliantly within cocktails.

“When designing the new cocktail list, I could have created millions, but I think one of my favourites is ‘The Blood and Sand’ cocktail.

“It shows whisky as a versatile spirit and breaks the barrier of Whisky cocktails needing to be strong and boozy.

“I’m also really happy with the recipe for our ‘Cumbrian Collins’ as it shows of a great flavour combination of Raspberry & Lavender.”

The new cocktail menu will include classic adaptations, signature serves and cocktails to amuse the palate.

The new cocktail recipes highlight the versatility of all the spirits The Lakes Distillery create in their handmade copper stills.

Cocktails are one of the fastest growing markets within the industry and we want to share our seasonal adaptations of The Lakes Distillery with our guests, business partners and clients

The cocktail menu includes all the spirits the distillery produce, including The ONE, the only British Isles Blended Whisky, The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Gin Explorer, The Lakes Vodka and the new range of flavoured liqueurs.

The flavoured liqueurs include The Lakes Gin Sloe and The Lakes Gin Damson and the brand-new releases; The Elderflower Gin Liqueur, The Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur and The Espresso Vodka Liqueur.

The Lakes Distillery have worked hard to apply science for the senses to create the perfect aperitifs and digestifs for our guests to aid digestion.

The Lakes Distillery and The Trout are proud to announce the new serves will be available to their guests from September.