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Workington man appeals for help to find missing parrot Perry

Peter Taylor and Perry, his parrot.

[A] WORKINGTON man has urged members of the public to keep a lookout for his missing pal – a parrot named Perry.

Peter Taylor formed what he said was a “massive” bond with his feathered friend after he was given the bird around nine years ago. But earlier this month, Perry was spooked and took flight from a window at his owner’s home close to the town’s Vulcan Park.

Disabled Peter, 54, made a public appeal through social media for help to locate the striking bright green parrot. But although there have been several sittings, including in the Siddick area, Perry has yet to return.

“He used to come and sit on my chest at night, and sit with me and cuddle up. I’m gutted because he was more like a little friend to me. I miss him,” said Peter. “I’m surprised how helpful people have been.”

Friends and even kind-hearted strangers have given up their spare time to search, with one even pledging to use a drone to look for Perry from on high.

“I would just ask for people to keep a look out for him, and shout his name,” said Peter, who revealed that a cash reward had been put up for Perry’s safe return.

However, Peter stressed that people should not try and make a sudden grab the bird but instead place a towel or something similar over him.

Anybody with any information should contact Peter through his Facebook page, which features a photo of the distinctive pet.