Cumbria Crack

Man hurt in Swarth Beck waterfall plunge

[A]t 11:30am on Thursday morning Cumbria Police tasked Patterdale MRT to an incident in Swarth Beck where a young man had fallen approximately 5m into a pool at the bottom of one of the waterfalls.

Upon reaching (a difficult to access) scene the young man was treated for his injuries and his ankle was splinted.

A Patterdale MRT spokesman said: “Because of the casualty’s location it was decided that the easiest way to extricate him would be via a helicopter with winching capabilities.

“The Coastguard were able to task one of their air assets and with some impressive flying and a difficult winch the casualty was flow to Carlisle for further treatment.

“The Patterdale Team would like to thank their airborne colleagues from the Coastguard for their assistance which was impressive to watch but certainly saved us and the casualty a protracted, difficult and possibly dangerous extrication.”

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