Cumbria Crack

Police warn of BT scam

[M]embers of the public are being asked to be aware of a BT scam.

This appears to be a common scam which is taking place throughout Cumbria whereby residents are contacted by a person claiming to be from BT, this comes after the resident has received a genuine BT service.

A Cumbria Police spokesman said: “It is not known how the offenders know of the genuine BT service but when contacting residents via their landline phones in many cases they know the residents name and which BT service they obtained. The offenders request remote access to the residents computer/laptop and manage to transfer money from their bank account.

“Members of the public are asked to be alert, not to allow remote access to their computer equipment, and if in doubt to terminate the call and to contact BT using a different telephone line to enquire as to if it is a genuine call. Do not contact BT using a telephone number provided by the caller.”

If members of the public are concerned and believe that they have been the victim of fraud, contact Cumbria Police and Action Fraud.

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