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My Life Into The Sun

MCC Media have been commissioned by CBBC to produce a 30 minute documentary for the Bafta and Emmy award winning My Life Series… My Life Into The Sun.

The documentary is set to broadcast on Monday March 25th at 5:30pm on CBBC.

The Sunderland-based TV production company has travelled extensively starting in the UK, then travelling overseas to South Africa and finishing in Norway documenting two incredibly moving stories.

The team followed the extraordinary lives of two young girls living with an incurable, life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. Both girls suffer from the same rare genetic skin condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) which prevents them both from doing simple, everyday things that many of us take for granted without being fully protected.

Alice, 13, from Carlisle introduces us to her life in a British climate living with XP.

Here the team explore her journey and the extreme measures she has had to take to protect herself from UV rays.

The team then meet Thapelo, a girl from South Africa where we find out what it’s like having this condition in soaring temperatures all year round. Both Alice and Thapelo are brought together by an XP charity to conduct some experiments in Norway.

This documentary raises awareness on the extreme and often overlooked rare skin condition whilst celebrating the overcoming power of human relationships and the importance of facing our struggles together.

Producer Paul McCoy said: “It’s truly been a privilege to be able to come directly alongside these unique girls and tell their story. The girl’s approach to life was beyond inspiring and our team worked extremely hard to capture the essence of their struggles and give the viewer a real insight on what life is like living with such a limiting condition.”

Director David Mordey explained, “I t was such a humbling experience working on this documentary. Seeing what these girls have to go through, just to step outside of their own front door was incredible. Going out during the day is something we all take for granted, but it is genuinely life-threatening for them if they don’t take the necessary precautions.”

Mr Mordey continues, “As a director, I had to reverse my thinking in many situations. Getting a well-lit shot wasn’t a priority anymore. Keeping the girls safe was top of the list. We had to do UV tests on all of our equipment and locations to make sure nobody was put at risk. It was a very challenging story to tell.”

Commissioned by Kez Margrie with Executive Producer Alison Gregory for CBBC.

Kez Margrie, CBBC’s Executive Producer for the My Life films, says; “The power of documentary storytelling is as strong as ever in this new series of My Life films. All the children featured have great stories to tell and we’re privileged to have been given a window on their world. I’m sure our viewers will love them!”

Documentary Synopsis

Alice lives in the UK. Thapelo lives in South Africa. They have never met, yet they share an intimate connection. We follow the extraordinary lives of two young girls living with an incurable, life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. Their rare genetic skin condition means they both are prevented from doing simple, everyday things that many of us take for granted. In this touching journey, both girls travel from different
sides of the world to share an adventure together in Norway where UV is low. This film is a moving story about resilience, hope and facing life’s greatest battles with the power of friendship.

MCC Media are building on this success with many exciting new projects currently in development.

The Documentary will be broadcast on Monday the 25th of March 2019 at 5:30pm on CBBC.

Freeview channel 201 [HD – 204], Sky channel 613 [HD –646], Freesat channel 607, Virgin Media channel 701, catch up on the BBC iPlayer.