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Workington Playgoers serve up a deliciously dark, cutting-edge comedy

Dinner by Moira Buffini, 11th to 15th June
L-R: Morgan Sweeney (Hal), Jim Samson (The Waiter) and Jacqui Walker (Paige).

Moira Buffini’s play Handbagged was a huge hit at the Theatre by the Lake in 2017, and the Workington Playgoers are confident that their production of Dinner will be equally entertaining. They warn that the play contains some strong language. But if you don’t mind a bit of swearing, this chilling black comedy will have you laughing one moment and flinching in disbelief the next.

Director Morgan Sweeney says: ‘This is a play of ideas and a social satire with some very sharp dialogue and some psychologically twisted characters that the cast have really enjoyed portraying. We think the audience will find it exposes issues that are well worth discussing long after the play is over and will also enjoy the frequent moments of tart observation and broad comedy.’

Lars is celebrating the fact that his popular philosophy book Beyond Belief has become a bestseller. His wife Paige (a self-confessed ‘Uberbitch’) plans a surprise dinner party to mark the occasion: Primordial Soup, followed by Apocalypse of Lobster and, for dessert, Frozen Waste. Her guests include an artist, a scientist and an attractive news journalist. Then Mike (a stranger lost in the fog after crashing his van) arrives unexpectedly. Add a mysterious waiter, hired from an obscure website, and you have a recipe for the dinner party from hell!

Tickets are £11.50 (£10.50 concessions). Book online at or leave a message for the Theatre Royal Box Office on 01900 603161.