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Carlisle businessman admits being drunk and disorderly

Carlisle Magistrates Court

A Carlisle businessman has appeared in court and pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly.

Andrew Malcolm Dobie, 37, gave his address as Lightfoot Drive, Harraby, Carlisle, magistrates in Carlisle were told how on Sunday September 29th he was in the Royal Oak public house in Scotby.

During the evening he was asked to leave, he was in an aggressive state, police were called and as they arrived he was standing outside, he was drunk the magistrates were told and used aggressive language towards the officers, he “wouldn’t listen to reason” the officers said, and he kept gesticulating towards them, PAVA spray (an incapacity spray) had to used before he calmed down.

Defending lawyer Chris Toms said his clients father died around this time last year and he was ”drowning his sorrows” he now runs the family business, he is embarrassed and apologises to the staff at the pub and the customers that were there at the time, and apologies to the court.

On passing sentence the presiding magistrate said, this was a prolonged incident and the police had to use the PAVA spray, we understand Mr Dobie is remorseful, he was fined £672, this is calculated on his salary, prosecution costs of £85 with a victims surcharge of £67, making a total of £874.

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