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The Language of the Landscape

A Journey into Lake District History

On a journey from Cockermouth through the Vale of Lorton, to Crummock Water and Buttermere, part of the Lake District he has known intimately since childhood, Angus Winchester shows how clues to the evolution, history and culture of the Lakeland landscape may be found in the names given to its farms, becks, villages, fields and boundaries. The language of the landscape can speak to us, not only in place-names but also in tangible features and through layers of memory and meaning built up across the centuries.

A book which inspires us to look at landscape afresh and through a deeper understanding of its history appreciate it all the more.

A personal journey in search of the essential spirit of a Lakeland valley.

A carefully researched and detailed analysis of the elements in the landscape which penetrate our sense of place and its importance in our lives.

An important contribution to the literature of landscape from Angus Winchester, Emeritus Professor of Local and Landscape History at Lancaster University.

Professor Diana Whaley. Author of A Dictionary of Lake District Place Names said: “A marvellous book. An engaging and inspiring read – the fruit of a lifetime’s scholarship and love of place. Its insights into upland life and landscape through the centuries reach far beyond the Cumbrian valley it depicts.”

Philip Walling. Author of Till the Cows Come Home and Counting Sheep said: “This book is an eloquent expression of that deepest of human needs, the longing for roots. The author has poured into it the distillation of a lifetime’s devotion to the history, people and terrain of five parishes in the north western Lake District, all of whose streams flow into the River Cocker (‘the crooked one’).”

Karen Lloyd. Author of The Gathering Tide and The Blackbird Diaries said: “The Language of the Landscape is an accomplished and celebratory piece of work. The book elegantly combines Winchester’s intimate knowledge, research and experience and is a significant addition to the literature of Lakeland.”

Angus J L Winchester is Emeritus Professor of Local & Landscape History at Lancaster University. His previous books include Landscape & Society in Medieval Cumbria (John Donald, 1987); The Harvest of the Hills: rural life in Northern England & the Scottish Borders 1400-1700 (Edinburgh University Press, 2000); The North West (with Alan Crosby, in the ‘England’s Landscape’ series, 2006) and Dry Stone Walls: History & Heritage (Amberley, 2016).

A Journey into Lake District History

Angus J L Winchester

ISBN: 9780957660977

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