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What’s going to be hot in the beauty industry in 2020

Vanessa Brown, Managing Director at VL Aesthetics

What are going to be the beauty trends for 2020? Vanessa Brown, managing director of leading Cumbrian company VL Aesthetics, has been gazing into her crystal ball and is predicting these trends:

Shunning the knife: I think we see a continuation of the trend in aesthetics for people to seek non-surgical, non-invasive treatments. There will continue to be an increasing demand to look good, but it is no longer the case that in order to enhance anything aesthetically you need to go under the knife. I read that in the South around one in five people have had some kind of non-surgical treatment and that trend will pick up more in the north during 2020.

Demystifying peels: People used to think that chemical peels sounded scary (Samantha in Sex in the City scary), but now chemical peels are designed to deliver progressive and not aggressive results. There are none of the harsh adverse reactions people might imagine from them. I expect in 2020 we will surge in the use of chemical peels as the acceptance of them grows.

New treatments: I plan on introducing at least four new technologies and procedures to VL Aesthetics in 2020, so stay alert for some more information in the new year.

Innovation: New injectables will compete against the commonly known ones of botox and fillers. They will provide more sophisticated options to remodel the skin in a natural way. They will make visible results long term, as these types of injectables work on stimulating your body’s own production of collagen.

I expect technology will be becoming increasingly central to aesthetic treatments. People are used to getting data on their heart rate from Fitbits and the like so it is only natural to want more analysis and information about your skin. I predict more and more people will be visiting us to understand the true age of their skin.

My 2020 wish: If I had one hope for our industry for 2020 it would be that by the end of the year England has the same regulations as Scotland where only medical practitioners can carry out facial injections. It is time we ended the risk of unlicensed non-medics carrying out such procedures.