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Diplomatic decs: Brexit themed Christmas tree promises to keep everyone happy at Christmas

52% of the tree features Brexit decorations, whilst 48% is pro-EU

A leading Christmas tree retailer has released a Brexit Christmas tree to pacify dinner time debates this Christmas.

Hayes Garden World has released the Christmas tree decorations package to combat customers’ fears that this year’s hottest topic will ruin festivities.

52% of the Brexit Christmas tree is decorated with Brexit-inspired decks, including Union Jacks, luxury hand-painted baubles proudly displaying ‘I’m dreaming of a hard Brexit’ and a cuddly toy of Boris Johnson.

48% of the tree features EU-themed decorations including flags, hand-painted baubles showcasing ‘All I want for Christmas is EU’ and a Jeremy Corbyn toy.

A toy version of Theresa May sits as the angel at the top of the tree, whilst a gold divider helps customers keep the sides separated.

The tree is designed with an easy-to-rotate base, so customers can effortlessly turn the tree to appease whoever they have joining them for Christmas.

Hayes Garden World creates annual Christmas tree displays to keep up with the latest trends and this year drew inspiration from 2019’s hottest topic: Brexit.

Commeting on the tree release, Lyndan Orvis, Ecommerce Director at Hayes Garden World said: “A lot of people are worried that Brexit and the election will put a dampener on this year’s festivities. We hope the Brexit tree will remind people that whatever your opinion, Christmas still means Christmas.”

“So leave your disputes at the door – or hang them on your tree – and focus on enjoying the festivities.”

Whether you’re dreaming of a hard Brexit or all you want for Christmas is EU, the retailer hopes that the Brexit Christmas tree will remind people of what Christmas really means; Christmas.

View the tree here: