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Man used false number plates to make unlawful visit to ex’s Workington home

Carlisle Crown Court

A MAN who made an unlawful visit to his ex-partner’s Workington home has been handed a 12-month jail term.

Derek Crammond, 28, ‬had been prohibited by a family court order from attending his former girlfriend’s town address. A bail condition even barred Crammond from entering England.

But on September 15, the provisional licence holder drove from Scotland to Workington in an Audi A4 bearing false number plates. “The Crown say the purpose of driving on false plates is to avoid the attention of the police,” prosecutor Jon Close told Carlisle Crown Court.

Crammond was initially seen by his ex-partner in the car near her property and then, less than an hour later, she raised the alarm after it was noted he “was stood outside the address”. Crammond had gone by the time police arrived, but was intercepted while returning north.

‪Crammond, of Parkbrae Drive, Glasgow, admitted breaching the court order, fraudulent use of a vehicle licence, cannabis possession, and two driving crimes.‬

Remanded in custody since September – he was given a 12-month prison sentence by Judge Nicholas Barker, received six points on his driving licence and was made the subject of a three-year restraining order.‬

‪“These courts make orders to be respected by those to whom they apply. You have not done that,” Judge Barker told Crammond.

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