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The perfect lockdown luxury – Lakes’ Monopoly game hits shops

Lakes’ Monopoly ‘Big Reveal’ is upon us, as Windermere, Scafell Pike and Aira Force Waterfall each grab leading spots on board.

The perfect luxury for lockdown… whizz around the brand new Lakes Edition MONOPOLY board and instead of the racing car, build up your Lakes property empire with a speed boat token!

Of if you fancy ambling around the Lakes themed MONOPOLY game board at a more sedate pace then there’s always a motor home token you can choose and use.

And the special edition boasts more twists and turns from the game’s classic MONOPOLY London original than, well, a typical Lake District road as the PROPERTY SITES, the CARDS and the TOKENS get a Lakes flavour and feel.

OUT go most of the classic MONOPOLY classic tokens like the Scottie Dog and battleship. IN their place come heavily Lakes customised playing pieces, including a motor boat, a motor home and, inevitably bearing in mind the general Lakes climate.. an UMBRELLA.

The board also sees ALL of the multi-coloured classic property sites like Mayfair, Vine Street and Pall Mall handed over to Lakes landmarks such as Windermere, Coniston, Scafell Pike and other favourites. And the Chance and Community Chest cards are heavily themed – one “assessing” not street repairs (as in the classic) but repairs to “dry stone walling”.

“This special official edition is a celebration of – and a love letter to – The Lakes,” says Nick Fenn, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves, makers of the official MONOPOLY: Lakes Edition game.

The new MONOPOLY: Lakes  Edition board game comes on the eve of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the Lakes’ most famous son  .. William Wordsworth. The poet’s most known verse – I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud – is technically honoured as Ullswater, where the verse was inspired, gets to land on a green square. And the Lakes’ most famous daughter Beatrix Potter isn’t forgotten either – her famous Hill Top farmhouse is immortalised too, on a light blue square.

The most expensive property set goes to Windermere and Scafell Pike.  At the other end of the board – occupying the brown squares – are the Castlerigg Stone Circle and Aira Force. Imbetween, taking up residence on all the other coloured squares, are “the great and the good of the Lakes”, adds Ms Fenn, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK – who are producing this game under official license from the MONOPOLY brand, owned by Hasbro. Ms Fenn adds: “We have been wonderfully spoilt for choice putting the game together and would like to thank everyone who sent in suggestions last year when we went through a public consultation process last year.”

Four charities each get to star in the game too, following a huge public vote staged last year.

They are: The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association, which gets to which feature on the Electric Company square from the game’s classic original ; The Brathay Trust (which lands on a Community Chest square) ; The Cumbria Community Foundation (also taking up occupancy on a Community Chest square) ; and finally The Lake District Foundation, which takes up residence on a Chance square and whose Director Sarah Swindley says: “It’s so exciting to be involved in bringing this iconic game to our most loved National Park. At the Lake District Foundation we aim to inspire people to look after the landscape, wildlife and heritage of the area. This is a great new way to do this!”

The Chance and Community Chest cards are heavily Lakes customised too. For example, instead of the classic and dreaded ‘You are Assessed for Street Repairs’ in comes ‘You are Assessed for Stone Wall Repairs’. Another card commands: ‘A flock of Herdwick sheep are blocking the road. Go back three spaces’.

The game is available now at WH Smith, Waterstones,The Works, Ryman, Toyland, Barney’s Newsbox, Hayes Garden World and Lakeland Toys & Hobbies. The edition is also extensively available online, including on Amazon.