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Controlling Bad Feelings – Sat 18 July

Gen Dema

Sometimes our bad feelings get the better of us and we think, say or do hurtful things to others or perhaps we even start to dislike ourselves, which just makes things worse.

By learning to understand our mind we can gradually learn to recognise when bad feelings are arising in our mind and instead of giving in to them, we can see what is causing them, choose not to follow them, and then discover a more constructive way of responding.

In this half-day course, Buddhist Nun and meditation teacher Gen Dema will explain how through listening, contemplating and meditating on Buddhist wisdom of understanding the mind we can dissolve bad moods and bad feelings and replace them with peaceful positive minds. She will give several methods for dealing with our bad feelings that are easy to understand and practise.

Everyone welcome – no experience necessary. Buddhist teachings are open to everyone regardless of faith or background.

10 – 11.30am Teaching
15 min break
11.45 – 12.15 Meditation
cost £10

To book please use this link or email [email protected] for more details.

01228 319344

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