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Cumbria’s Don Smith shares a literary and spiritual story about the mysteries of creation, set in Cumbria

The Cause of Reason – Don Smith

Have you ever looked at the sky at night and wondered how exceedingly small and insignificant we are against the backdrop of the cosmos? Then you are in good company.

The Cause of Reason is a philosophical and spiritual journey of the mind. Ideations about life, time, truth, and creation are mingled in a worldly story about one woman’s search for meaning after the death of her husband and son. Mary’s quest for answers eventually brings her peace and a very particular understanding of much broader questions – the sort of questions that humankind has been asking since the beginning of time.

Set in the Newlands Valley in 18th century Cumberland – a place that captures and then holds people’s attention – its raw, elemental nature is an unchanging backdrop to life: a constant reminder of powerful forces and the mysteries of creation.

Don Smith is a retired land and engineering surveyor. He has travelled widely in the Middle East and Europe working on international scientific, cartographic and engineering projects. He says that life experiences in the desert, high mountains, offshore and underground have given his writing greater acuity. He lives in Cumbria.

Don says, “The Cause of Reason relates to the sort of questions humankind has been asking ever since we first turned our gaze to the stars: ‘What is the meaning of life, and why are we here?’ Whilst evolution has answered many of our questions, no one has offered such a complete physical and metaphysical proposition in the format of a novel.”

Continuing, Don says, “I had an unexplained experience in the Middle East whilst living in the desert and working in a place called Rub’ Al Khali (Empty Quarter). From that time on I’ve believed that some extrasensory phenomena or connection to, or within, our worldly reality exists. That experience has influenced my thinking and writing.”

RELEASE DATE: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460515

Price: £9.99