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By sending press releases or promotional material that you ask, want or hope that Cumbria Crack will share or promote on its [Cumbria Crack] website or social media accounts you agree that Cumbria Crack shares news of forthcoming concerts, gigs, events, live shows and festivals on the condition that we [Cumbria Crack] will be given two tickets (guest list) so we [Cumbria Crack] or our guests [inc. freelance or casual employees], friends or partners can attend the event, gig, concert, festival or live show.

Cumbria Crack will always try to inform event organisers of any persons who wish to attend in advance of any event/show/gig/concert/festival taking place.

If Cumbria Crack, our guests [inc. freelance or casual employees], friends or partners are refused entry to events, concerts, gigs, live shows or a festival that we have promoted or advertised free of charge after we [Cumbria crack] have informed you of our intention to attend. The organisation, business, event organiser or event promoter will be liable to pay a fee of £5,000.

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