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Penrith man admits assault and smashing club window

Michael Thomson being arrested by police

[A] Penrith man has to pay courts costs totalling £503 after he pleaded guilty to assault and causing criminal damage.

Magistrates in Carlisle heard how Michael David Thomson, 32, of Garden Close, Penrith, went in the Beacon Social Club on Duke Street in the town just before midnight on September 29 with a friend.

A member of staff told him “last orders” had been called and he and his friend would not be served.

The court was told Thomson started to shout verbal abuse at the member of the bar staff, he was asked to leave and once at the door he assaulted the member of staff by hitting him towards the back of the head.

Thomson smashes the window with his elbow

Whilst outside the club Thomson smashed a window with his elbow, a group of customers then rushed out of the club and took him to the ground and “pinned” him there until the police arrived.

The court was told Thomson has suffered from the effects of a “stroke” which left him with partial paralysis which has affected the left side of his body,  he also has a brain injury, he normally doesn’t drink alcohol but on this occasion he had drank too-much earlier in the evening.

He was fined £40 with prosecution costs of £85 and a victims surcharge of £30, for the criminal damage he has to pay compensation to the club of £240, he was fined £50 for the assault and has to pay £58 compensation for the victims broken spectacles.

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