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Rotary Club of Workington continues to support those in need

Northside Community Centre

During these uncertain times Rotary Club of Workington continues to support those in need, both here and further afield.

Always quick to respond the club has received a number of requests for support from community groups, schools and individuals.

President, Alan Barry said, “At the minute we are putting all of our efforts into meeting the needs of those directly and indirectly affected by the Coronavirus, whether that is delivering food parcels, checking in on people, or funding some of the many excellent community support projects that have risen out of the pandemic.”

The club recently helped support Northside Community Centre to purchase a card reader, a vital piece of kit in these troubling times.

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School was awarded £300 by the club to help it continue providing nourishing lunches for local children.

Energy Coast UTC is part of a local collaboration producing much-needed face visors for NHS staff and care home workers. The club donated £200 towards the costs of elastic, a key element in this important piece of PPE.

Community Services lead, Hughie Stamper, chairs the Workington Community Emergency Response Group which has overseen the recruitment of one hundred and seventy street warden volunteers. They are fulfilling a crucial role by delivering shopping, picking up prescriptions, walking dogs and carrying out jobs for those unable to leave their homes.

“Tony (Wareing, Secretary) and I thank everyone who has helped in any way, great or small, in establishing and maintaining this Street Warden system,” says Hughie. “It is a credit to the community spirit still alive and well in Workington and the surrounding area.”

Finally, the club recently linked up with Cockermouth Rotary Club to donate £500 to the Music Against Malaria project in Malawi, a project that provides mosquito bed nets for district hospitals. This partnership led to the purchase of one hundred and ten nets, another step towards the refurbishment of malaria clinics in Malawi.

The club is always open to new members, so if you’re interested, search for Rotary Club of Workington online for more information on the club and how you can join.

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