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MP discusses crucial issues facing UK Agriculture with NFU members

In a socially-distanced meeting, Dr Neil Hudson MP met with a local farmers and NFU staff to discuss current crucial issues facing agriculture.

In the meeting, the group discussed the phasing out of the Basic Payments Scheme and the new Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMs), part of the Agriculture Bill which are currently being piloted.  The biggest concern raised by the group was the importance of upholding our high animal welfare and farming standards in future trade deals.

Dr Neil Hudson MP commented: “Today in the Commons, I will be supporting amendments 12,16 and 18 in the Agriculture Bill. As an MP and a veterinary surgeon, I will continue to stand up for animal welfare and for the farmers in Penrith and The Border, across Cumbria and the wider UK. We have the best farmers and produce great food using high standards. We should be very proud of that. I will continue to work with Government, but I am prepared to again vote against them on this, as I have already done in both the Agriculture and Trade Bills, to ensure our high standards in animal health and welfare and food production are upheld.”

Mike Sanderson, Penrith NFU advisor said after the meeting: “We were pleased with our really useful local meeting with Neil Hudson MP as we were able to discuss all the current burning topics, we thanked him for his support of the NFU’s stance over inferior food imports in the Agriculture Bill and his reassurance he would back the NFU’s position again if he had to when it came back to the House.”