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Carlisle tram moved to new home

Carlisle tram

The last remaining Carlisle tram body moved to its new home today, Wednesday 25 November.

Thanks to the help and support of Wayne McKnight, builder and letting agents, the tram is now located in the former Denton Ironworks building in Dentonholme. Jacksons Recovery Services last moved the tram from the Swifts Mews in Strand Road in 2013. This time round things were much easier as not only did the staff know what was required but the access was not as restricted.

The tram was saved from being scrapped by Workington Transport Heritage Trust back in 2005. Work to restore the tram could not take place at that time due to the building it was in being unstable.

Having moved in 2013 to the Carlisle Railway Station Undercroft it was hoped it would commence but circumstances conspired against them and very little was done. A new push was made earlier this year but then came something called “lockdown”, just after the first piece of new wood had been cut. With the lifting of lockdown work recommenced and several hundred of pounds worth of new pieces of timber were cut and trial fitted.

Out of the blue word received was that the tram would have to be moved out of the Undercroft. A plea for new premises was made. Several offers were received, including from Sunderland, Blackpool, Appleby and Kirkbride. One person wanted to purchase the tram to use as a glamping pod and another to restore it and use for public service on The Wirral.

Fortunately Wayne stepped up and offered his building so the tram is going to stay in Carlisle. Funds now need to be raised to continue with the restoration as well as pay for the latest move. If you would like to help, either financially or physically, please contact [email protected] or phone 01228-522118 for more information.

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