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Cumbria Chamber of Commerce welcomes General Election announcement

Rob Johnston
Rob Johnston

[T]he early General Election will give all parties an opportunity to set out policies for a Brexit that works for business.

That is the view of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, which has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement that she plans to hold a General Election on June 8. Theresa May had said previously there would be no poll before 2020.

Chief executive Rob Johnston said: “We welcome an early General Election.

“The Brexit negotiations won’t start in earnest until after the elections in France and Germany, so it makes sense to get our elections out of the way now too.”

He added: “If the opinion polls are to be believed, the Conservatives are likely to be re-elected.

“But that will give Theresa May’s administration the authority to go into Brexit talks with an electoral mandate – and end the criticism levelled at her that ‘no-one elected you’.

“More importantly, a June poll gives all the parties a chance to set out their approach to Brexit in their manifestos.

“Our view is clear. We want a Brexit that works for business.

“That means certainty for businesses on the residence rights of their existing EU workers, and clarity on hiring from EU countries during the negotiations and after we leave.

“On trade, it is crucial that we minimise tariffs, avoid costly non-tariff barriers, and keep existing EU free trade agreements with other countries.

“And we’re calling on politicians to ensure stability by incorporating existing EU regulations into UK law for a minimum period following Brexit, and to ensure there is no funding ‘cliff-edge’ for areas receiving EU funding.”