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Copeland Council hit by cyber attack

[C]OPELAND Council has suffered a cyber ransom attack.

The Council is one of a number of organisations around the UK to be affected by the recent random wave of attacks.

The attack, which happened earlier this week, has caused significant internal disruption to the Council, however frontline services are continuing to operate as normal and no confidential customer data has been lost.

The internal team, supported by industry specialists, is fighting the attack and it is highly likely that some internal systems will be down for several days.

The matter is being reported to the Information Commissioner, the National Cyber Security Council, and the police.

Pat Graham, Copeland Council’s Managing Director, said: “We would like to reassure the public that despite this damaging attack that has caused major disruption to the running of the council, our robust business continuity plan has kicked in and frontline services are operating as normal.

“Through no fault of our own, we have been one of a number of victims of this malicious random attack, and although it may take some time, we will make a full recovery.

“I publicly thank our councillors, staff and the public for their support during this challenging time.”