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Teenager denies playing any part in Carlisle robbery

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] TEENAGER accused of attacking a man with his own crutch during a Carlisle robbery has insisted he played no part in the crime.

Braden Moreton, 19, is on trial at the city’s crown court. He denies robbing Paul Savage of cash, a gold ring and a jacket during an incident at Lightfoot Drive in Harraby on February 7.

Jurors have heard that Mr Savage suffered a fractured jaw and was left bloodied and in pain. He says he was attacked by a number of people who called at his home and demanded the payment of a drugs debt he claimed wasn’t his.

One woman has admitted robbing Mr Savage, who alleges Moreton, of no fixed address, was involved by lashing out with a hammer and wrench he took from the kitchen, and also his own crutch.

But, giving evidence today (THURS), the teenager insisted that was not the case. He admitted approaching Mr Savage’s flat to collect cash, saying he heard a “commotion” and “shouting” from inside.

He said as he entered the flat he stood on Mr Savage’s crutch, which he picked up and put on a sofa where the householder lay.

“He was in quite a bad way. It was shocking,” said Moreton.

But when asked by his barrister whether he hit Mr Savage or been involved in any attack upon him, Moreton replied: “No, sir.”

The trial continues.

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