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37 lovely ladies find forever homes

Becky Lowis with some of the hens

[A] partnership between two charities has saved the lives of dozens of hens destined for slaughter.

Oak Tree Animals’ Charity in Wetheral and the British Hen Welfare Trust rehomed 37 hens on Saturday, 3rd February, all of which are now enjoying their free range retirements.

The hens, all from intensive commercial laying systems, are usually sent to slaughter at 18 months old when they reach the end of their egg-laying life. However, the British Hen Welfare Trust knows what wonderful pets they make so steps in at this point to save them from slaughter. They are then transferred to collection points, like Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, before being picked up by their new owners. British Hen Welfare Trust saves over 50,000 hens a year from slaughter and has to date re-homed more than 620,000 hens in total.

Oak Tree’s Community Engagement Supervisor, Becky Lowis explained: “We are really excited to have developed a partnership with British Hen Welfare Trust to act as a collection point for hens in our region, thereby helping those destined for slaughter. When the hens come to us from the commercial system they often look a bit tatty as a result of being in an intensive environment, but their feathers quickly grow back when they settle in to their new homes. It’s great to see so many of these lovely ladies being able to spend their retirement in our region.”

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