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Wigton sports shop manager appears in court

Carlisle Magistrates Court
Carlisle Magistrates Court

[T]he manager of a Wigton sports shop has appeared at North and West Cumbria Magistrates Court charged with selling a body building drug, known as DNP, Dinitrophenol is described as a deadly fat-burning chemical allegedly used by body builders.

Shaun Thomas Corrigan, 24, gave his address as Potters Way, Carr Hill, Gateshead, he is charged that between July 20 and September 6, 2017, he allegedly contravened a Food Safety and Hygiene regulation, the allegation is he placed 2.4 of the DNP drug on the market [for sale] intended or  reasonably expected for human consumption which was unsafe.

It is alleged that 2.4-dinitrophenol was found at Croft Close, Wigton. The prosecution is brought by Allerdale Council.

A further allegation is the company Enhanced Athelete Europe Ltd, of Potters Way, Carr Hill, Gateshead, also a food business did place the drug DNP on sale which was intended or reasonably expected to be for human consumption during the same dates. The court was told he is a director of that company.

It is reported that more than 60-people have died worldwide as a result of taking this drug, eight in Britain since 2015; DNP is a fertiliser and can be used in explosives; It is not intended for human consumption, the drug is not regulated by the drug licensing authority but by the Food Standards Agency [FSA] a raid in Wigton was made by Allerdale Council with police assistance.

The substance is known to heat up the body metabolism, burning fat, but it can cause drastic overheating. The victims organs literally cook inside the body,  once taken there is believed to be no antidote.

District Judge Gerald Chalk sent the case to be heard at Carlisle Crown Court, Corrigan will appear there on August 17, Corrigan will appear as a defendant on both allegations.

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