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Brexit and the Uplands to be debated by expert panel in Penrith

The future of the uplands after Brexit will be discussed by a panel of experts at the Rheged Centre near Penrith on 1st November, brought together by the NW Regional Committee of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS).

Following the recent publication of the Agriculture Bill, the discussion will focus on the question “What does Brexit mean for the uplands?” and will address issues of relevance to rural communities. Britain’s departure from the European Union is likely to bring about the biggest changes to the British uplands for generations, with the future of subsidies, regulations and business practices subject to significant revision. As the Brexit negotiations proceed, increasingly detailed announcements are expected and this discussion will offer commentary and insight into the Government’s approach and the likeliest outcomes.

The event will be hosted by the renowned uplands authority Dr Julia Aglionby (of the Foundation for Common Land and Uplands Alliance) and will take the form of a ‘Question Time’ style debate, in which the audience address questions to the panelists, promising a lively and informed discussion of the major issues.

Panelists include local farmer Will Cockbain, World Heritage adviser Susan Denyer, landscape writer Jim Dixon, and Alastair Driver of Rewilding Britain. Local MPs have also been invited.

This event has been organised by the NW committee of the Royal Geographical Society, RGS IBG. It will commence at 3:00pm and last an hour and a half, following which tea and coffee will be served, giving attendees an opportunity to network and discuss the issues in further detail. Tickets can be bought from Eventbrite or the Rheged Centre, below.

Tickets HERE.

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