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Sellafield thanks community for supporting a ‘huge year of change’

Sellafield Ltd has thanked the West Cumbrian community for helping make 2018 one of the most memorable years in the site’s 70 year history.

A raft of changes have taken place, from the way people travel to work, to progress in the site’s decommissioning programme, to the end of fuel reprocessing at the Thorp plant.

These successes have been built on the ‘support and understanding of the community,’ the company said.

Angela Seeney

Angela Seeney, Transformation Director for Sellafield Ltd said: “The end of reprocessing at Thorp is one of the most important events in Sellafield’s history, but it is not just the change on the site that are helping to transform Sellafield.

“The support and patience of our community has been critical in helping us to become a new business this year, and this includes the huge changes to the travel and parking arrangements that we have worked through together.

“This is just one of the things our workforce and supply chain are doing differently every day, to shift our focus onto environmental remediation.

“Alongside the progress made in cleaning up the highest nuclear risks and hazards and driving forward a number of major projects on site, we are also investing in research, skills and training. This investment is necessary for our mission, the nation and the local Sellafield community.

“I’m immensely proud of how far we’ve come in the last year, and our workforce, supply chain and fantastic community have shown unwavering dedication and professionalism throughout a period of unprecedented change.

“Our mission is to help make Cumbria a world leader in solving complex nuclear challenges. This year has taken us one step closer.”