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Man found with knuckle duster and ecstasy tablets at Carlisle railway station

Carlisle Station

A MAN caught carrying a knuckleduster after stepping off a train at Carlisle railway station has been sent to prison.

Benjamin Eric Tebb, 29, came to the attention of British Transport Police constables on November 9 having travelled on a service from Leeds.

Tebb was heard to be “agitated”, “angry” and using “explicit” language while on a mobile phone close to an administration office.

Kim Whittlestone, prosecuting, told Carlisle Crown Court today (WED): “It was heard by one PC the defendant saying – or making reference to the fact – that he (Tebb) or somebody else would bring a gun.”

Tebb was approached by officers and found in possession of a knuckle duster it emerged he had stolen from a friend’s shed. He was heading to Glasgow to see a woman he’d met online whose ex-partner, he understood, was “a bit of a thug”, the court heard. Ten ecstasy tablets were also recovered from his suitcase.

Social carer Tebb, of Highfield Drive, Wakefield, pleaded guilty to illegal possession of both an offensive weapon and the class A drug – offending described by his lawyer as “foolhardy”.

He was also said to have a previous conviction for offensive weapon possession – also a knuckle duster – triggering a mandatory jail term.

Judge Davies jailed Tebb for a total of 144 days, telling him: “Don’t do it again.”

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