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Intern Creates a Splash in Cumbrian Waters

Lydia Tabrizi, first Marine Futures Intern in the North of England.

Lydia Tabrizi, from Wigan, has completed the first Marine Futures Internship hosted in the north of England.

The Marine Futures internship programme offers a unique opportunity for recent graduates interested in a career in the marine environment to gain skills, knowledge and experience across a variety of marine sectors; helping to inform and shape future career opportunities.

Lydia recently completed a postgraduate course in Marine Environmental Protection MSc from Bangor University, previously having completed a degree course in Marine Biology BSc.

Over three months, Lydia spent time with each of the partners, made up of North West Wildlife Trusts, The Crown Estate, Natural England and Ørsted, carrying out a variety of tasks and learning new skills.

Lydia said: “The internship has been really varied and has given me great insight into working in the marine sector. I’ve attended meetings and training sessions; helped with mud dipping and beach school events; carried out a seal survey at South Walney Nature Reserve, a seagrass survey off Roa Island and a wading bird survey at south Sandscale. I’ve also observed mussel bed surveys with the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority.”

“The most important element of the internship was producing a research project to assess the feasibility of a Nephrops creel fishery within the West of Walney Marine Conservation Zone. This fishery would use pots instead of trawling, which would prevent the destruction of marine wildlife and the seabed, and is an opportunity for fishermen to diversify. The most exciting element of the internship was going for a helicopter ride over the Morecambe Bay coastline!”

The Marine Futures Internship is funded by The Crown Estate which manages the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as around half of the foreshore. The Internship aims to nurture a diverse and skilled workforce that the marine industry needs for a sustainable future.

Following on from the success of the Coast Explorer Internship programme, which is based in Kent and London, the Marine Futures Internship was developed to expand this opportunity to benefit communities in the North West.

The summer of 2019 marked the launch of the Marine Futures Internship, which was based in Cumbria and project managed by the North West Wildlife Trusts.

Lydia said: “Using the new skills I have learnt I hope to secure a job in the marine conservation sector within the North West. This internship has been a great bridge between university and the real world… next stop, an adult job!”

For more information on the internships offered by The Crown Estate, visit:

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