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Carlisle Lake District Airport launches new Chaplaincy Service

Reverend Rachel Williams

Carlisle Lake District Airport, in association with the North Cumbria Methodist Circuit, is now offering an onsite service of pastoral care available as an option to all passengers and employees, irrespective of faith.

This partnership follows on from the interfaith blessing at the Airport that took place on the 4th July of this year.

It is a passive service, designed to provide a deeper level of care to those in need or distress. This will also help to reduce anxiety and stress for fliers, which will make the Airport a calm, well-balanced and stress-free place for everyone there.

The new service further highlights the strong link between the Stobart Group-owned Airport and the local community.

Rachel is available for us on site on Thursday’s and Friday’s between 9am and 12noon

Reverend Rachel Williams, a Minister of the Methodist Church, said: “It is a privilege to be able to offer pastoral care to passengers and those who work on the site of Carlisle Airport. I am available to all those who need a listening ear.”

Kate Willard, Director of Partnership Development at Stobart Group, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer pastoral and spiritual care to both visiting passengers, and employees at Carlisle Lake District Airport, in association with the North Cumbria Methodist Circuit. This enables us to support all of our customers and employees, regardless of faith. The Chaplain will also promote the good name and reputation of the airport through their daily actions. This further shows how Carlisle Lake District Airport isn’t just about business or tourism – it’s an integral part of the local community.”