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Barrow MP backs bill to ensure opportunities are made available to all generations

Lord Bird (founder of the ‘Big Issue’) and Simon Fell MP

Barrow MP Simon Fell has put Party politics aside to back a Government Bill designed to level up opportunities between current and future generations, which will benefit residents from all walks of life across Cumbria.

The Future Generations Bill is the idea of Big Issue founder Lord John Bird, with the aim of the legislation to change how laws and budgets are made in the UK by requiring policies to enhance the environmental, economic, social and cultural wellbeing of current and future generations.

An All-Parliamentary Group has been set up to work on the legislation of the bill, with Simon being selected as an officer to work alongside Parliamentary colleagues from all parties.

Speaking about the Future Generations Bill, he said: “I’m delighted to have been elected as an officer to the Future Generations group. Lord Bird is absolutely right: we need to think long term about issues like climate change, poverty, housing and transport. Short term answers might be convenient, but politics is about doing the right thing, and making decisions that will stand the test of time to make our, and our children’s lives, better.

“I’ll be sponsoring the Future Generations Bill when it arrives in the House of Commons – we should follow the example of other countries and provide in law that government thinks long term when acting on all our behalves.”

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