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JT Atkinson continue to build YDMT partnership

JT Atkinson & Sons, an independent builders’ merchant with more than 160 years’ experience in the supply of Building, Plumbing & Heating, Timber & Joinery, Roofing, Landscaping, Drainage, and Bathrooms, has renewed its partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) to help tackle climate change and promote more sustainable practices within the building trade, such as the reduction of plastics.

The family owned business, with 30 branches located across North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria as well as Tyne and Wear, Durham and Teesside, will enable 500 new native broadleaf trees to be planted in and around the Yorkshire Dales, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and flooding, while providing homes for our wildlife.

As well as being a positive for the environment, the partnership will help to promote the benefits to our mental health that a connection with nature can have.

Jamie Atkinson, Sales Director at JT Atkinson & Sons, said: “We hope the partnership will inspire our staff and customers to create positive changes for the environment and become aware of issues both locally and globally.

“Being a family business, the local community is of massive importance to us and we strive to take care of the people and environment around us, this partnership will enable us to give back whilst also providing a great experience for any of our JTA family who would like to be involved.”

Michael Devlin, Deputy Chief Executive, YDMT added: “JT Atkinson are a fantastic, environmentally aware company and it’s been great to work with them over the last two years to build this partnership.

“JT Atkinson’ s vital support will inspire more people to care about the natural world and help us plant new woodland in the Dales.

“Trees are vital to so many aspects of life. As well as providing habitats for wildlife, reducing flooding and helping to combat climate change, we know that trees help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a healthier lifestyle.”