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Workington Academy students celebrate GCSE results

Workington Academy students and staff are delighted with an excellent set of GCSE results. Students have been collecting their results since 8am this morning.

Headteacher, Des Bird said: “This has been an unusual and somewhat controversial exams season nationally; however we mustn’t forget that this is a defining moment for a whole generation of young people.

“The grades the students are receiving are the grades that they were most likely to achieve had exams gone ahead, and as such represent just reward for the efforts that the students have made throughout their education so far.  We are very proud of all our students here at Workington Academy, and would like to congratulate them on their hard work.”

Students who achieved particularly well include:

Lucy Wilson

Lucy Wilson who achieved a total of seven grade 9s in English Language, English Literature, History, Maths, German and Double Science. She also achieved a grade 8 in Art. Lucy is planning to study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, German and History A levels at the Workington Academy campus of the West Coast Sixth Form.

Alicia Graham achieved six grade 9s in English Language, English Literature, Geography, Maths and Double Science. Alicia is planning to study Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry A levels, alongside an Extended Project Qualification at West Coast Sixth Form.

Kate Metherall excelled across a range of subjects, with grade 9s in English Language and two grade 9s in Science, 8s in English Literature and German along with 7s in History and Mathematics.

Charlotte McCombe was delighted with grade 9s in Geography and Mathematics, and also achieved two grade 8s in Science. Charlotte is intending on joining West Coast Sixth Form to study Physics, Mathematics, Geography and Sport.

Owen Finlay

As well as students who have achieved top grades, the school also recognises students who have made outstanding progress over their time at Workington Academy, measured from a starting point of their Key Stage 2 SATs results. The top two students for progress this year were Owen Finlay and Georgia Fell.

  • Owen was delighted to achieve a grade 5 or better in all of his subjects, including grade 7s in Computing, Science and Technology. Owen is also planning to join West Coast Sixth Form to study Physics, Computing, Design Technology and Mathematics.
  • Georgia is thought of very highly by all her teachers for her hard work and positive attitude. She achieved grade 7 in Art, grade 6 in German and grade 5s in English Language, English Literature and Science. Georgia now looks forward to taking a place at the West Coast Sixth Form to study Art, Applied Science, German and an EPQ.

They await further confirmation of the results of some vocational subjects which remain under review nationally, and as such cannot report on a full set of results for a large number of our student body just yet.

The academy would like to recognise all the successes achieved by our students and look forward to welcoming many of them back at the West Coast Sixth Form. We are sure that the successes they have already achieved will stand them in good stead as they join this exciting new institution. Applications are still being accepted to a wide range of subjects within West Coast Sixth Form.