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Former soldier jailed for “disgraceful” attack on PC in Workington

Malcolm Jenkinson

A FORMER soldier has been jailed for attacking a police constable who was left with teeth dislodged and broken, and wary about attending incidents while on duty.

Officers encountered Malcolm Jenkinson, 37, outside a property in Workington on the evening of April 5 after they received reports of a domestic disturbance.

In drink, Jenkinson was argumentative and, when told he was being arrested, sparked a violent struggle captured on body cam video footage. He tried to punch one officer and threw his weight against him. As they fell, the constable struck his head on the ground which banged his jaws together and caused serious teeth damage before Jenkinson placed his arm against the PC’s throat.

Jenkinson then fought with police for several minutes before being brought under control, and later admitted actual bodily harm assault. A former soldier, he was said to have been under financial pressure and stress at the time.

Carlisle Crown Court was told today (WED) the officer had been unable to receive prompt dental treatment due to the Covid pandemic, had spoken of the incident having a lasting impact on his life and described being “wary and on edge” when attending incidents while on duty.

Judge Nicholas Barker – who noted Jenkinson, of Jackson Road, Workington, had latterly voiced a belief he was the victim of the incident – jailed him for nine months. “Your behaviour” said the judge, “was appalling; you acted in the most arrogant and disgraceful way.”

“Police officers do not go to work to be subjected to violence,” added Judge Barker. “They do not come home at the end of a day’s work to have teeth dislodged and broken.

“This court will protect police officers so any of those who think they are fair game, to be fought with, should think again.”