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Digital transformation cuts down on paperwork at Sellafield during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sellafield site

A digital transformation programme has enabled Sellafield Ltd and its contractors to dispense with thousands of paper forms.

OneAIM, a Joint Venture (JV) between Interserve and Jacobs, has introduced electronic timesheets for 450 workers delivering the Operations Site Works (OSW) framework contract for Sellafield Ltd.

The JV is contractually required to submit timesheets for its operatives every week for approval.  With a paper-based system, the sheer scale of the 6 sq km site, which has stringent access restrictions, constrained the turnaround of documents from contractor to client and back again.

OneAIM turned to Unleashed, an IT Digital Transformation consultancy with many years of experience in both nuclear and construction, specifically at Sellafield.

Chris Rogan, the Lead Digital Transformation Consultant at Unleashed, said: “After some analysis, we recommended a no-code digital workflow solution for OneAIM to take their existing Excel and paper-based forms and processes and make them electronic.

“We deliberately took OneAIM’s existing paper-based process and simply made the forms and workflow electronic.  Working with the customer, we felt that it was important not to change too many factors at once, which is traditionally the problem of many IT projects.  In this case, we kept the look and feel of the forms, the workflow and the people involved the same.  This offers the least resistance to successful adoption.”

Using the Kissflow platform, timesheets are now sent in real-time from works supervisors, via project officials and commercial staff to management approvers at the client.

This has led to faster approvals and other benefits, including:

  • Greater accuracy of documents – forms were automatically validated with the correct and extant job numbers, reducing non-compliant submissions to the client;
  • Improved commercial awareness – instant reporting of financial performance;
  • Reduced administrative expenses – automated exports of payroll information that was previously being collated manually, being able to be downloaded directly from the system.

Hayley Gething, Account Development Manager at Interserve for the OneAIM Contract said: “Unleashed and Kissflow have enabled us to take an existing manual and paper-based system and automate it completely.  It works across organisational and IT boundaries, delivering quicker information internally and an improved experience for our customer and their representatives.”

“The solution has come into its own during the pandemic, reducing the amount of manual handling of paper documentation and allowing administrative staff to work remotely with ease.  Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to manage client and Government requirements for the Procurement Policy Note.”  Nathan Roberts, Commercial Manager at Interserve for the OneAIM Contract.

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