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Vehicles damage cemeteries

Vehicles have damaged grass areas at two Copeland cemeteries.

Tyre damage has been found near graves at Hensingham and Whitehaven cemeteries.

Copeland council is reminding visitors that no vehicles are allowed in the cemetery other than those connected with a funeral and must not be driven at a speed exceeding 5mph.

This applies to cemeteries at Whitehaven, Hensingham, Millom, Nether Wasdale and Beckermet.

Sue Pringle, Copeland Council’s bereavement services development manager, said: “It is extremely upsetting for families to see tyremarks and damage in the area of their loved one’s grave; especially at Christmastime when the number of visits tends to increase.

“The paths within our cemeteries are unsuitable for a high volume of vehicles, and damage like this can result from their improper use.

“Our rules around cars are made clear on our signage at the entrance – and there are parking facilities outside each of our cemeteries – so we remind our visitors of the importance of adhering to these rules and showing the respect that this sensitive site deserves.”