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Whitehaven woman admits stealing thousands of pounds from pensioner

Carlisle Crown Court

A woman has admitted stealing thousands of pounds from an elderly man while acting as his carer – and also trying to steal thousands more.

Rachael Louise Sermon, 34, faced two charges when she appeared at Carlisle Crown Court earlier today.

Sermon pleaded guilty to the theft of cash from the man, who was aged in his 80s, between April 1 and October 31, 2019.

She also admitted the attempted theft of money to the value of £8,420 from the pensioner during October that year.

While court papers show the amount of money stolen by Sermon was £37,639.50, she has put forward a formal written basis of plea in which she estimates the amount of cash illegally taken was in the region of £20,000.

A prosecutor indicated to the judge, Recorder Eric Lamb, that this basis would not accepted.

However, Recorder Lamb gave the prosecution seven days in which to consider the matter and decide whether or not the submissions of the defendant could be agreed.

If they can, Sermon, of Wasdale Close, Whitehaven, will be sentenced by a judge.

If not, a further hearing will take place in front of a judge who will hear evidence first before deciding upon which basis she should be punished.

The case was adjourned until March 4 and Recorder Lamb asked for the probation service to prepare a background report on the defendant in the meantime.

Sermon was granted unconditional bail but warned not to take that as any indication by the judge, who told her: “All sentencing options remain open.”