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Anti-social behaviour fire setting in Carlisle

fireenginefront[T]here have been several incidents in the Carlisle area associated with anti-social behaviour fire setting during May.

The first location is at the ‘country’ end of Orton Road, Carlisle close to the new by-pass where there is a derelict farm. Other locations are along various river banks (Eden, Caldew and Petteril).

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service ask the public (residents, ramblers, dog walkers etc) to be vigilant for any ASB and call 101 to report it. This follows on from a very successful recent multi-agency intervention in the Raffles area of Carlisle whereby a group of individuals were apprehended by the police as a direct result of information given by the public.

The perpetrators were given education into the consequences of fire setting by the Fire Service. This has stopped the small fires being lit in that area, which has freed up both police and fire service resources and reduced the inconvenience caused to residents as well as reducing damage to property and the environment.

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