Cumbria Crack

Whitehaven man who denies alleged attack claims he was the victim

Dylan Wynne outside Carlisle Crown Court.
Dylan Wynne outside Carlisle Crown Court.

[A] MAN accused of a West Cumbria street attack has likened his grapple with the alleged victim to a “horrible pub brawl”.

Dylan Wynne, 25, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm upon Ian Brown during an incident on the night of September 13 – only hours after Mr Brown attended his brother’s funeral.

Wynne – then the boyfriend of Mr Brown’s niece – is on trial at Carlisle Crown Court. Witnesses have said they saw the two men “grappling” with each other in a Moor Row street outside a post-funeral family gathering. Wynne is alleged to have attacked Mr Brown – who sustained two fractured eye sockets – with punches and a kick to the face.

But Wynne claims he was the victim. During cross-examination today (WED), he said of the altercation: “It was like a horrible pub brawl.”

Wynne, of Lakeland Avenue, Woodhouse, Whitehaven, admitted throwing “five or six” punches “blindly” at Mr Brown, but insisted he was under attack.

“I defended myself. I feared for my life,” he told the jury. “I thought I was going to die. I thought it was the end.”

The trial continues.