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Westmorland Doctors Fresh Approach to Free Up Beds

L-R: Dr Joshua Macaulay and Dr Christopher Moss

[B]ed blocking is becoming an increasing concern across Cumbria and recent news stories have highlighted the thousands of bed days lost in our local hospitals because patients cannot be discharged home due to problems finding care packages.

In recent data from NHS England the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who run Westmorland General Hospital, reported 1,767 bed days being lost in a single month. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find high quality care and as services are put under more pressure most care companies are struggling to cope.

Doctor Joshua Macaulay, from Westmorland General Hospital and Doctor Christopher Moss, founded Westmorland Homecare to promote change and do things differently.

After being moved by meeting patients from the local community, who wanted to get home but couldn’t, they felt something had to be done. Existing care companies simply cannot cope with the demand so Westmorland Homecare is using a different approach. By keeping people healthy, happy and active at home they plan to keep people out of hospital in the first place. To deliver this vision they have recruited and trained many excellent staff to help more people get back home where they belong.

Dr Macaulay, Director at Westmorland Homecare said: “Patients inevitably decline whilst in hospital. They lose mobility, lose their independence and sadly some never make it home. This is the heart-breaking reality of the elderly in our community being trapped in hospital. I will never forget a lady I cared for in hospital who was ready to go home but caught an infection whilst waiting for a care package and tragically died before she could get back. We knew something had to be done.

“The gold standard of care is to keep people out of hospital in the first place and when they are admitted, to get them back home as soon as they are ready. Everyone should be free to enjoy their life in their own home, surrounded by the memories that make up their lifetime. That’s why Westmorland Homecare was born. As they say, there’s no place like home!”

Westmorland Homecare is ready to help more people in need and anyone who would like advice or assistance can contact Dr Macaulay on 01539 725107.

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