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Quantum Leap kids club opening in Whitehaven

[A] FUN-PACKED kids’ club is opening its doors for budding young scientists, historians and naturalists in 2018.

The Quantum Leap club, based at The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven, is open to local children aged seven to 12 and an exciting year-long project is on offer for those who sign up.

The club has run for many years under the leadership of the harbourside museum’s learning officer, Alan Gillon, and offers a host of monthly activities. The club is aiming to double in capacity in 2018 offering a total of 30 spaces for local children. Club members will also have the opportunity to embark on the John Muir award.

Alan Gillon said: “We have always wanted Quantum Leap to grow, and have just been limited by capacity.

“Now that we have the facilities to do more, we want families to consider this as a rewarding activity for all involved.

“We will be covering science, nature and history as we complete the John Muir Award during 2018.

“So, kids will not only have lots of fun, but they will also get a qualification!”

The John Muir Trust is a conservation charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild places in the UK. The Quantum Leap club will focus on the protection and enhancement of Whitehaven Marina and harbour, as well as the wider Solway coast. Activities will include rock pool exploration and historical activities and club members will be asked to become mini researchers, as they find out more about how people use this special area today.

Pamela Telford, visitor services manager at The Beacon Museum, said:

“This is not just about history, as the programme is designed to raise awareness for how the marina needs to be protected moving forward.

“Kids will be engaging with important issues such as recycling and marine conservation and throughout we will have a lot of fun in the process, with the children producing their own exhibition at the end of it.”

The club will first meet on Saturday, January 13, 2018 and pre-registration is essential. For more information visit or call 01946 592302.