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More time requested to discuss Council’s accommodation needs

[E]den District Council last night (11 January 2018) agreed to have wider cross party discussions about the future accommodation needs for its services and staff, before determining any proposals put forward for the future use of its Town Hall and Mansion House offices in Penrith.

Eden District Council’s Resources Portfolio Holder, Councillor Paula Breen, put forward a recommendation, which Members supported for Councillors to be given more detailed information and time to consider the Council’s future accommodation needs.

Councillor Breen said: “In the Council Chamber last night there was a lot of support for the single site project, Members recognise the need for more accessible and fit for purpose accommodation for our staff to deliver quality public services from. However, Councillors do not wish to rush this decision and before we commit to spending any Council Tax payers’ money, we require more detailed information on the proposals contained in the report by the Council’s Chief Executive, Robin Hooper.

“A cross party working group of Councillors will now be established to look at the accommodation needs and bring this report back before Full Council for determination within two months.”

The recommendations agreed by Full Council last night were:

(a)       A further and final report be brought before council at a later date (if necessary at a special meeting) following consideration of  this matter by an 11  member working group with support from  relevant officers;

(b)       the principles of proportionality shall apply to the above working group;

(c)        member representatives of the working  group shall be put forward by relevant Group Leaders;

(d)       the first meeting of the  member working  group shall be held within two weeks of the date of this meeting (11 January 2017); and

(e)       that the working group report back to Council within two months.

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