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Pooley Bridge design update

Pooley Bridge artist impression

[A]n update on how the design concept is progessing for the new Pooley Bridge will be discussed with the public at a meeting being held next week.

The meeting will take place at Pooley Bridge Village Hall on Wednesday 18th July, starting at 6.30pm.

At the meeting, attendees will hear about the work carried out on the new bridge project so far, including site investigations and ground condition surveys.

Details will be shared on progress of the bridge design, including discussions with the fabricators for the permanent bridge and how this information will be used to progress the design.

There will also be a technical engineering appraisal of the options for both the temporary linkage during the construction phase, and possible options for the location of the new bridge.

Cllr Keith Little, Cumbria County Council Cabinet member for Highways and Transport, said: “This project has generated a great deal of interest and Wednesday night’s meeting is a good opportunity to update the local community on how the project is progressing and what works are planned in the coming months.”

Representatives from Eric Wright Civil Engineering, the main contractor for the project, and members of the GHD design team, along with Cumbria County Council will be available for discussion following the presentation to discuss any other issues with members of the community.

Following the meeting, the project will continue to engage with the community through bi-monthly drop in sessions, through social media and via the notice boards in and around the village.

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