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Fundraiser prepares to complete 40 challenges in aid of local hospice

Georgie McRoberts

[A] local woman will be undertaking 40 challenges before 40, all taking place between 28th May 2018 and 28th May 2019. The challenges include, a 40 hour fast, a marathon in a foreign city, visiting a new city, skinny dipping, sky diving and conquering her fear of heights on a via ferrata. All 40 of these challenges will be raising money for both Eden Valley Hospice’s care support & activities and Prostate Cancer UK.

This will be a special year for Georgie as she takes part in 40 challenges that will help her raise money for Eden Valley Hospice, to support the hospice’s nurses, specialist doctors and all facilities available to patients.

Georgie, from Carlisle, explains, “Last Xmas my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Having already experienced the death of my best friend suddenly 6 years ago I was terrified. Fortunately, my dad’s prognosis is looking good, but it made me think about death and loss. Over the years I have heard heart breaking but wonderful, uplifting stories about the care received by family of friends at EVH & Jigsaw, where memories can continue to be made to the end.

“I want to support the staff who help to ease the pain and fear of those that are admitted to EVH & Jigsaw providing both them and their family/friends with dignified care and support.”

She continued, “Over the last few years I have suffered from Low self-esteem and anxiety. One of the ways I coped was by setting short term goals which gave me purpose. Last year I stepped out of my comfort zone to become a mentor for Carlisle Youth Zone and found that giving something back helped me to overcome my issues.

“40 is a milestone and the idea of completing a series of challenges in the run up to it helps me to focus my energy into these goals whilst not allowing myself time to dwell on hitting the BIG 40! The huge added bonus is how much interest and support my challenges have garnered so far which will hopefully help EVH, Jigsaw & Prostate Cancer and draw attention to the great work carried out by all three.”

She explained, “I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting some truly inspirational people through the challenges I’ve completed so far and I’m looking forward to that continuing. I’m most looking forward to the challenges that are the most personally challenging i.e. Via Ferrata will terrify me but I can’t wait to finish it knowing I’ve faced my demons- I’m terrified of heights!! I’m also least looking forward to Via Ferrata, Giro-copter and Sky-diving due to this.”

Georgie said, “I’ve learned that life can be challenging and my “40 challenges by 40” project is set to be as challenging as possible giving me the means of setting my own goals and the satisfaction of achieving each one. I’d urge others to think about how they can help themselves and others by considering something similar. It also gives me the best excuse for a huge celebration next year – celebrating my achievements, hitting 40 and hopefully raising a substantial sum of money to provide much needed financial support to EVH, Jigsaw & Prostate Cancer UK to enable them keep up their amazing work.”

The money raised by Georgie will help the local charity to provide care, support and activities to adults and children with life limiting illnesses. This care and compassion is extended to all of the patients’ families, friends and carers. If you would like to sponsor Georgie as she undertakes the 40 challenges by 40, or to view the full list of 40 events, please visit

If Georgie reaches her fundraising target of £4,000, shared between Eden Valley Hospice and Prostate Cancer UK, she will add a sponsored head shave on to the lists of 40 before 40 events.

If you would like to fundraise in aid of Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw, please contact the hospice Fundraising Team on 01228 817613 or visit