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Carlisle kids learn about road safety

Pennine Way Primary School

Police in Carlisle have teamed up with GIST in an effort to educate young people on road safety.

Children from years 3 & 4 at Pennine Way Primary School received a presentation on Friday 23rd November as part of GIST’s child road safety programme.

The presentation is split into classroom learning and a practical demonstration with a GIST vehicle highlighting the issue of blind spots and stopping distances.

PCSO Nicola Bell-Prescott, who organised the event, said: “I would like to thank GIST and Pennine Way Primary School for their efforts during the session. The children involved loved the presentation and had clearly taken a lot of learning from the programme.

“It is essential that we all do what we can to educate young people on the issue of road safety. The last thing anyone would want to happen is a young child be killed or seriously injured and by initiatives such as this we are able to help prevent such a tragic incident.”

The children were joined by Cumbria’s Police & Crime Commissioner Peter McCall and Inspector Diane Bradbury from the Carlisle Local Focus Hub.

Peter McCall said: “This is a great initiative, and I would particularly like to thank Gist for offering to do this, and producing a very professional presentation which really caught the attention of the children.

“This is a superb example of the ways in which businesses and industry can help locally working with our local Neighbourhood Policing Teams to keep our communities safe.  I believe that practical sessions like this are far more powerful then presentations alone, and as a result, the children are more likely to take the safety messages on board. Whatever we can do to raise awareness and prevent accidents, and potentially save lives, is to be welcomed.”

For information on GIST’s child road safety programme please visit:

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