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Lifeboat crew launch to delivery van driver cut off by the tide

RNLI lifeboat volunteers and coastguard teams on scene at the launch site

At 9:30am today, Saturday 22 December, HM Coastguard requested Morecambe’s RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew to go to the aid of a delivery van driver reported to be cut off, by the incoming tide, on the causeway between Sunderland Point and Overton.

The inshore lifeboat and inshore rescue hovercraft proceeded by road to their launch site, near the Golden Ball Hotel at Snatchems, before making their way down river.

Local coastguard teams from Morecambe and Knott End were also in attendance.

A Morecambe RNLI spokesman said: “Arriving at the scene of the incident they discovered that the van driver had been rescued from the bonnet of his vehicle by one of the isolated hamlet’s residents and transferred safely to shore on Sunderland Point.

“After a quick assessment, the delivery driver was taken on board the hovercraft and the crew transported him back to their launch site.

“Unfortunately, his vehicle and its contents had to be left; to await recovery once the tide had receded.”

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