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Workshop for business to cut energy costs

Phil Davies

Businesses in Cumbria looking to reduce energy costs are invited to a free workshop aimed at helping them lowering their carbon footprint as well.

The event, on Tuesday Feb 5, is for small and medium sized businesses and will show how costs, and environmental impact, can be lowered through heat recovery programmes.

Organised by Eco-Innovation Cumbria, the workshop will include technical information and a site visit to a local company.

“Cutting costs where you can is important for any business, especially if you are a small or medium enterprise. Learning how to lower your energy costs, and lessen your environmental impact, through heat recovery and ventilation innovations, will prove valuable for many different kinds of business,” said senior project officer Glyn Griffiths.

“There could be financial support available for low carbon investment, which might also lead to better working environments for staff. We will help identify innovations in the energy-reduction market and share challenges and solutions around heat recovery and ventilation.”

Industrial heat recovery is a process by which heat generated in or for an industrial process, that otherwise would be wasted, is recovered and used within the same industrial facility for heat or cooling, by another end-user, or by converting the waste heat to power. The government has said that industrial heat recovery has the potential to realise significant energy bill and carbon savings for industry through a reduction in primary fuel use.

The technical elements of the workshop – at Sunbeams Music Centre, Redhills, Penrith – will be led by Tim Gilmore of Gilmore Stones Associates, one of the leading mechanical and electrical engineering consultancies in the region.

Tim is a chartered engineer, specialising in building services with practical application across a wide variety of settings, including residential, healthcare, commercial and public sector buildings.

He has been responsible for specifying air distribution equipment for manufacturers, has been a mechanical design engineer on Westmorland Hospital, directed engineering services to Ribby Hall Hotel, completed refurbishment of the Lakeside Hotel, designed ventilation systems for isolation wards at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and designed chilling water systems for as far afield as a satellite tracking station in Bangalore.

Leading the event will be Phil Davies, Low Carbon Development Manager at Cumbria Action for Sustainability.

The workshop runs from 8.30 – 2.30 and includes lunch, along with networking opportunities and advice on where to find further assistance and financial help. It is particularly suited to small food manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, laundries and any Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) in Cumbria with heat (air and water) and associated ventilation issues.

For full details and booking see:

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