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Cumbrian businesses to meet Shadow Business Secretary

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Cumbrian business leaders are set to meet the Shadow Business Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, to find out how a Labour government might affect them.

She will address a dinner for members of Cumbria Chamber of Commerce’s Power 40 Group in Penrith next month.

Chamber Chief Executive Rob Johnston said: “With Labour ahead in the latest opinion polls, a government led by Jeremy Corbyn is now a distinct possibility.

“Businesses are keen to understand what that means for them, which is why we invited Rebecca to come here.”

Ms Long-Bailey is part of the Labour inner circle holding Brexit talks with the Government.

Rob said: “We hope to get an update on those negotiations but, beyond Brexit, we need to find out how a Labour government would relate to businesses, its industrial strategy and its attitude towards the nuclear industry.

“I’m sure that some businesses will want to ask her about Labour’s proposal for an ‘inclusive ownership fund’ to give employees a stake in larger companies.

“Equally, we know that she is keen to hear from Cumbrian businesses to help inform Labour policy. It should be a fascinating evening.”

The Power 40 brings together owners and senior managers from the county’s largest and most influential companies.

The dinner on May 30th is being sponsored by the chartered accountancy firm Armstrong Watson.

Rob added: “The Chamber believes it is vital to bring senior politicians to the county to engage with businesses.

“It’s not only about hearing them. It allows businesses here to tell key influencers at Westminster about their concerns and the challenges and opportunities they face.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey was elected as MP for Salford and Eccles as recently as 2015 and was one of only 36 Labour MPs to nominate Jeremy Corbyn for party leader.

A commercial lawyer by training, she became the Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in February 2017.

She has been tipped as a potential future leader by the Labour-supporting weblog LabourList.

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