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Copeland Mayor announces Executive appointments

Councillor David Moore

Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland, has announced two appointments to Copeland Council’s Executive.

Mr Starkie said: “I am delighted to announce the re-appointment of David Moore, the Leader of the Conservative Group, to my Executive as Deputy Mayor.

“Councillor Moore has been a more than capable Deputy over the past two years, bringing years of valuable experience to the council, not least his extensive knowledge on the nuclear portfolio.

Councillor Steve Morgan

“I would also like to announce the appointment of independent councillor Steve Morgan to the Executive.

“Councillor Morgan has had an extensive career, with huge experience in the commercial environment, and will bring this experience to Copeland Council as we continue to develop our commercial agenda.

“I have also spoken to the Chairman of Copeland Labour Party to offer the group two places on the Executive, in keeping with the proportion of seats they hold on the council.

“I have consistently stated that my position is to work with people of all political persuasions, and it is clear from the volume of people who voted for me last week that they agree with this stance. I am hopeful that the Executive and the council will work collectively for the benefit of the people of Copeland.

“Copeland Labour Party is due to meet this week to select a new Leader and consider the offer I have made to them.”

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