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Zeitgeist Communication wins tender with Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster

Jutta Devenish

Zeitgeist Communication Ltd. has won the tender to develop Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster’s (BECBC) Marketing, Public Relations and Communications strategy.

Jutta Devenish, Managing Director, Zeitgeist Communication said: “We are absolutely delighted to have won this tender. As a communications consultancy specialising in strategy development we see this as a fantastic opportunity not only to help BECBC build on its excellent brand reputation, but to partner with the Cluster in creating more business engagement for its members across the local, national and international energy supply chain.”

As part of the tender, Zeitgeist Communication will work alongside the Cluster and develop a clear vision and corresponding marketing and PR strategy. This will be firmly tailored around its members’ business needs and stakeholder engagement goals.

Charlotte Horner, Comms and Marketing Director, BECBC said: “Zeitgeist Communication delivered an excellent tender bid. The consultancy’s international and cross-sector experience and creativity will help us think outside of the proverbial box. At the same time, we expect their strategic focus to help us increase and broaden our membership and, equally, drive value for our existing members.”

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